Positions emerge from chaos -and so does the Blitz Theatre Group

To believe in Europe still. To start a construction site. To walk the dead. « Daily I search, now here, now there my wandering takes me. »

Dieudonné Niangouna’s totemic fevers

When leading Congolese playwright Dieudonné Niangouna meets late Sony Labou Tansi, he builds him a mausoleum and speaks dictatorship and torture.

peter campus: video ergo sum

Peter Campus’ video ergo sum exhibition is a reflection on the impossibility of being simultaneously the subject and the product of the thinking subject.

Saburo Teshigawara’s birds of silence

A wind of arid and dry beauty is blowing over Chaillot. Saburo Teshigawara is back to the Palais with an in situ creation: Flexible Silence.

Eli Lotar the Visionary

Of picturesque Greece which appeals to the artistic and intellectual class in Paris, Eli Lotar photographs an urchin in the palm of sculptor Tombros’s hand.

Why it’s great to have Paul Klee’s personal archive online

We were familiar with On Modern Art. We had seen the sketches. The document resource work achieved by the Paul Klee Center in Bern is remarkable.

Pact - Amy Brener - Invisiblers - 800 Signes

Silicone armors to face the future: Amy Brener x Pact

For this futuristic trip, Canadian artist Amy Brener took with her the mere objects of everyday life. Her show, Invisiblers, happens now in Pact Gallery.

BiT-Maguy Marin

BiT by Maguy Marin: a farandole for humanity

The piece is well known. Yet each time it’s a shock. In BiT by Maguy Marin, hope and hopelessness are one, and lay inside the other(s).

Marionnette: A new Label for puppeteering, Audrey Azoulay, illustration © Araso

French Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay announces new “Label” for puppeteering

Audrey Azoulay (French Minister of Culture) announces creation of a “label” for puppeteering. which shall be granted upon schools and institutions.