Peeping Tom: in Mother’s name

There always comes a time in life when parents and children switch roles. In Moeder, several generations and their neurosis are put on an equal footing.

Carte Blanche César Vayssié à la Ménagerie de Verre: Volmir Cordeiro, Julia Perazzini, Raphaëlle Delaunay et Dominique Gilliot by Araso

The happy marriage of art and technology as celebrated by César Vayssié

A sublime light design enhances the primary colours giving the party its population of lonely souls looking for a new kind of collective harmony.

Karin Viard’s humanity lesson

We all have known at least one Vera. We might even have been in her shoes for a while. Although she is an archetype, Karin Viard’s Vera asks real questions.

Another distinguée: La Ribot’s pagan High Mass

Another distinguée is a powerful performance by La Ribot, where images explode in voracious desire hungry for flesh and colors.

Twerk: Josephine Baker’s secret children

Since her Danse Sauvage, Josephine Baker has continued to inspire others. The backside muscles duo in Twerk is the banana belt of the 21th century.

Illustrations © Araso

Amala Dianor’s happy medium

Short after Man Rec, Amala Dianor danced his choreography for a trio Quelque part au milieu de l’infini, thus reinventing a new happy medium between styles.

Basquiat meets SAMO, the thousand-faced legend

Laëtitia Guédon presents SAMO, a masterpiece in terms of creativity and esthetics, brilliantly suited for the cave-like underground ambiance of la Loge.

Vivre par Jochen Gerz (c) Araso

When sculpture goes horizontal

To celebrate Pompidou Centre’s 40 years anniversary, some major sculptures from the museum’s collection are exhibited on the floor at La Monnaie de Paris.