Metallica for Brioni

Breaking news: Brioni rocks

Italian luxury menswear brand Brioni (Kering group) unveiled yesterday its new campaign starring Metallica in highly curated black & white photos.

Julien-Henri Vu Van Dung pour Thomas Lebrun

Thomas Lebrun brings Paris Conciergerie back to life

Où chaque souffle danse nos mémoires (literally meaning: «Where every breath dances our memoirs») originally thought of for Monuments en Mouvement’s 2015 edition.

Emilie Incerti Formentini dans Rendez-vous Gare de l'Est

Our heart beats for this Rendez-vous Gare de l’Est

A girl, a chair, and let the show begin. Rendez-vous gare de l’Est is a monologue written and staged by French playwright Guillaume Vincent

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker Illustration

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: “La Nuit Transfigurée”, a lesson of romanticism

What is romanticism? Is it all in the past? For Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker it starts with a naked set and the raw light of the moon. Then…