What we do

800 Signes analyses and deciphers trends in art and culture. From theatres to museums to galleries to circus to cinemas to performances, from Paris to LA (ain’t that cool…) the team at 800 Signes conducts a 360° cross-country investigation to find out what’s coming next.

For whom we're doing it

A basic for communication, marketing and creation professionals and trend agencies, for those who need something different to go straight to the point. Our strength is our ultra-specialized look on a very specific yet extremely talkative niche. 

And if you belong to those who think that a fashion brand choosing a digital ambassador in 2016 is revolutionary you may want to contact us now.

Why 800 Signes ?

All of our posts are about 800 characters, except handpicked in-depth articles. 800 signs is roughly the size of a smartphone screen. It’s also a major constraint for us to be sharp and efficient. 

Who we are

A former contributor to the luxury and digital trends blog Darkplanneur by Eric Briones and a close collaborator to cultural webzine Toute La Culture, Araso founded 800 Signes in June 2016. She also works with the culture, fashion and luxury industries as a creative strategic planner, copywriter and illustrator. Her passion: contemporary art, since she was about 2 years old. 

Mathieu Dochtermann is our expert in contemporary circus, marionette, street performance and object theatre.

Raphaël does gallery hopping and everything that’s « cool ».

Last but not least, Yann and Romain are the dream team behind M2V Production who takes care of the website.

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