In more than a century of fashion, nothing came close to defying the fabric’s supreme luxury. We owe Mariano Fortuny a unique holistic artistic approach, which gave birth to one of Venice’s most sumptuous palace. Painting, panelling, sculpture, embroidery, textile dance together the song of art and science in an orgy of beauty.

To close Paris Fashion Week, Palais Galliera opens its new exhibition, Fortuny, a Spaniard in Venice. The monastic ambiance of the show along with a refined scenography appear to clash with a hyperactive Fortuny, curious of everything and holder of multiple patents.


The Hellenics, starring the Delphos dress, the Knossos shawl and their likes have made history. Glorified by Marcel Proust, they sit there as silent witnesses of the past. The minimalistic environment is the scenery of a well-documented, researched typology, ranging from Venice to the East.

Palais Gallaiera’s latest show will most certainly prove appealing to purists and other foes of extravaganza.

Fortuny, a Spaniard in Venice, from October 4th 2017 to January 7th 2018 at Palais Galliera.

Visuals © Araso ADAGP