Let’s imagine for a minute someone spending their life closed up and motionless in the corner of a room. Wim Vandekeybus reveals their savagery: not that of the man but that of the place, of which the inhospitable character suddenly appears. 

You can’t decide that I am not original

In Spite of Wishing and Wanting is the story of the pack of males from Ultima Vez. The frame is sexy and the game is physical. Christlike figures go bad and languages clash in this Babel off the ground. Like crazy horses, men rear back, belch, question, proclaim, spook and marvel. Some chain rummage lurks in the dark, from a place where someone seems to be dragging invisible bullets. « Tu sei il mio cavallino » whispers the man to his twin at the other end if the lunge rein, which connects them both. Wim himself appears, a troublesome Hermès cantering amongst an army of greek gods. 

You think I am only an executioner

WIM VANDEKEYBUS, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting - by Araso
WIM VANDEKEYBUS, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting – by Araso

This edition is a revival of the 1999 original show and reunites the feminine and masculine desire in the same lust for life. That fire is passed amongst the horde from hand to hand. Dance is of a rare beauty, translating into breathtaking pas de deux, all challenging the laws of physical attraction. The 90s are here too, with their fair share of kitsch in music, video and dance. The whole piece doesn’t lack humour.

I want to be a sponge and live at the bottom of the ocean

Somewhere in this maelström of fighting, biting and living nightmares, pillows explode in a sea of feathers and wild animals escape running naked amongst the audience. Sublime portés, Margiela-like masks and metallic voices participate in this live poetry contest.

In Spite of Wishing and Wanting was seen at la Villette with the Théâtre de la Ville from June 28th to July 2nd 2017. 

Illustration © Araso