After he made us waltz last September in Beaubourg with the Festival d’Automne à Paris, Raimund Hoghe is getting back his colors. Je me souviens (literally “I remember” but its English title is Another Dream) is a solo, which Raimund wrote in 2000 for Another Dream, a trilogy on the XXth century. The text has been amended in order to include current events such as the migratory flows issue, also the main topic of La Valse. 

The argument is harsh and redundant. « 12 boats, 175 people on board, none of them made it » says the voice-over after the SOS call sound extracted from the movie Fuoccoamare, previously heard in La Valse. Laying on the sand-covered floor, Raimund mimics the posture of the dead migrant child whose image is on every mind. Nothing has changed since and it is always as painful to look violence in the eye. A moment of delightful relief comes when Emmanuel Eggermont dances a sublime solo from the top of his   air-splitting arms and undulating hips. 

Raimund Hoghe, Je me souviens, image by Araso
Raimund Hoghe, Je me souviens, image by Araso

Artistic repetition too is inevitable. Aged 68, Raimund Hoghe is the depositary of a memory as prestigious as it is heavy to bear. Faithfull to his playlist whereby Purcell the baroque reigns with Luz Casal at his side, the German playwright carries in his suitcase the shadow of Pina, both a sweet and invasive presence. 

Nonetheless, one really ought to have a heart of stone not to surrender to the elegance of a man who says with so much humour the nightmare this body is for a 12 year old boy, the physical constraint, the hardship of loss, the loss of unknown people as well as loved ones. So when Raimund goes bananas and wears heels, sunglasses, a fancy hat while smoking a flower and screaming for Audrey Hepburn one just has to melt. 

The text of the performance is available on Raimund Hoghe’s website here.

Je me souviens by Raimund Hoghe was seen within Camping at the CND in Pantin on June 26th and 27th 2017.

Concept, choreography and dance
Raimund Hoghe
Artistic collaboration
Luca Giacomo Schulte
Invited artist
Emmanuel Eggermont
Raimund Hoghe, Amaury Seval