Israel Galván’s childhood memories are populated by a taste for salt and by the music of heels clacking like the sound of waves breaking onto the shore for some. Taka-gada-gagada…tac ! Acute like a needle, the last note is drilling the floor. 

With FLA.CO.MEN, Israel Galván has found the Holy Grail. He has the demential grace of those who, as they find themselves at the peak of their art, have nothing to prove. Far from the unnecessary pimping, Israel Galván presents his practice rough and ready whilst laying on a bed of humour. 

Israel Galván, FLA.CO.MEN, by Araso
Israel Galván, FLA.CO.MEN, by Araso

Standing in his white apron at his music stand, wearing a black corset over his denims or beaming in a red-dotted white flamenca dress, he fully enjoys a much deserved freedom some turn into a prison. A flamenco child prodigy, he proudly wears his title while fooling around.

With six musician including the Proyecto Lorca duo, he makes, unmakes and remakes the history of his dance until he reaches the core. Here is flamenco in its essence: a song about wandering, ethnic mix and freedom. 

FLA.CO.MEN by Israel Galván, an associated artist at the Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, is at Espace Cardin until June 29th 2017. The piece was created in 2016.