Daniel Larrieu’s Pierrot is in black. Not a mourning kind of black, rather the color of the night all wrapped up in its mysteries and transparency games. A gracious, clever like a cat Daniel Larrieu appears on stage with his customary lightness and impertinent gesture. A dancer, choreographer, author, gesture consultant, he who has a fondness for the shadows comes back in the spotlight with his latest piece Littéral, for which he is all of the above.

Daniel Larrieu in Littéral by Araso
Daniel Larrieu in Littéral by Araso

A 2017 creation, the work gathers six dancers and just as many brooms, which are suspended or held. The performers, whether males or females, successively put on the Pierrot dress over their ecru tights and baby pink skirts. The acting’s subtlety sets the accuracy of the gesture by the milligram, with mime and repetitions. The dance is the non-dribbling type, conscientiously avoiding the prettiness trap. 

Littéral is an infinitely poetical piece, in which everything was chosen with care until the traditional brooms made in France. It releases a sweetly dated, regressive perfume that gives way to aesthetics’ pleasure.

Littéral was presented by the Théâtre de l’Aquarium on June 17th 2017 in June Events Festival

Illustration © Araso