We would have loved an even more radical, truer, freer Vera. Karin Viard’s version of her character is delightful yet too light although a tiny over loud-mouthed. An archetype in due form, she doesn’t go in for subtleties.

Perched on her patent leather pumps, hugged in her red leather pencil skirt, her lips painted in eternal red, she wears her blond hair braided in a crown, a striking resemblance to Ioulia Tymochenko. Vera is the epitome of the self-made lady with an iron will. Compassion has deserted her breastfed by the most violent kind of ultra-liberal capitalism body.

Vera is the epitome of the self-made lady with an iron will.

Karin Viard in Vera. Illustration © Araso
Karin Viard in Vera. Illustration © Araso

As she started her casting agency, Vera made success her new religion, and consumo ergo sum her credo. And yes, she goes as far as counting the roses on her father’s tomb – just to make sure she didn’t get swindled. And so what? An even bigger corporation bought out her company. The world is at her feet.

It’s never too late to walk away.

It turns out the war machine that’s just swallowed her and her business is even greedier that she is. And they are quick to be rid of the old school tyrant.

As the system spits her out like an undigested molecule, Vera recalls with emotion France, Karin Viard’s character in Cedric Kalpisch’s movie Ma part du gâteau  (My piece of the pie).

We all have known at least one Vera. We might even have been in her shoes for a while. Either way, it’s never too late to walk away.

Vera was seen at the Théâtre de la Ville – Les Abbesses in April 2017

Vera is a play by Petr Zelenka, translated from Czech by Alena Sluneckova, stage version by Pierre Notte, stage direction by Élise Vigier & Marcial Di Fonzo Bo assisted by Alexis Lameda, decor Marc Lainé, Stephan Zimmerli, costumes Anne Schotte, make-up and wigs Cécile Kretschmar, images Nicolas Mesdom, Romain Tanguy, Quentin Vigier.

With Karin Viard, Helena Noguerra, Lou Valentini, Pierre Maillet, Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, Rodolfo De Souza.