Another distinguée is one of La Ribot’s wild escapes, the Distinguées, which the Madrid-born choreographer has taken around galleries and museums for the past 23 years. In this powerful sample, images explode in voracious desire, hungry for flesh and colors.

It all begins with the blind walk-in of a disoriented crowd pacing mechanically to the sound of transe music.

In the dark, the audience gets the notion of some vague mount covered in ugly tarpaulin. Two bodies, then a third come out of nowhere, their faces masked with black nylon, dressed-up in hugging black vinyle outfits covered in nude nylons, which they fanatically rip apart with insatiable snips of scissors. Bodies randomly crash into the crowd as they come, too bad for the voyeur whose eyes happened to be to close from the flying blades. A victorious La Ribot, the gladiator in the arena, uncovers her face and sways about before attacking her next victim.

La Ribot, Another Distinguée, illustration © Araso
La Ribot, Another Distinguée, illustration © Araso

The cutting is the red thread of if this itinerant black mass. Bodies marked with red and black felt pens, pieces of clothing chopped directly on the skins, La Ribot in an upside down position with her head buried in the tarpaulin recall the Chinese Revolution when the « extravagants » were chased down on the streets and their clothes ripped apart on the spot. For the victim: shame, often suicide. In Another Distinguée instead, bodies engage in a pas de deux for three rag dolls fucking whilst looking into emptiness.

The last image is addictive. « They have fallen asleep, we have to let you go now » the guard whispers to the last few hypnotized disciples.

Performance seen at the Centre Pompidou on April 7th 2017.

PERFORMERS: La Ribot, Juan Lo­riente , Thami Ma­ne­kehla

Illustration © Araso