A few days after Man Rec, Amala Dianor showed at the 104 in Paris Quelque part au milieu de l’infini [Somewhere in the middle of infinity], a 2016 creation for three dancers.

It can be tough to define a distinctive identity under such a prolix label as « urban cultures », which is too often associated with a claiming approach. In contrast Amala Dianor’s work is about building harmonies. Anchored in a very “new school” type of Abstract dance, he elaborates sentences in a light grammar rid of any complexes. In the lineage of De(s)genération, Quelque part rests upon a happy medium between styles, which is growing into a distinguishing signature of Amala Dianor’s. Pansun Kim – who dances also with Emmanuel Gat, blends in perfectly.

Amala Dianor, Quelque part au milieu de l'infini, illustration © Araso
Amala Dianor, Quelque part au milieu de l’infini, illustration © Araso

Amala skims lightly through any obstacle standing in the way of aesthetic pleasure. He leads us to a spectacularly comfortable space, where nothing else than beauty of sound and movement matters.

Laying down under the white sky particles that raise up from the black screens like the snow falls on top of the Kilimanjaro, the trio of abandoned bodies compose a final image that sums up to a lesson of simplicity and obviousness.

To find one’s feet, one may want to follow Amala’s lead: leave your shoes at the door.

Quelque part au milieu de l’infini was seen at 104 in Paris within the Séquence Danse Festival on March 28th 2017.

Illustrations © Araso