A bare set, except for a one square meter luminous tile. «Everybody dance now !» and a series of tenants catwalk onto the deceitfully superficial step acting like a revealing bath. Thomas Lebrun portrays the outlet and the excitement of a night club, with the sexual charges and lousiness that come along with it and its share of timids, predators, divas and exhibitionists.

Five exceptional dancers – amongst them the choreographer himself, mind-blowing, dress up as go-go dancer, lead dancer, (un)inhibited punk to file on Bob Sinclar, Cher and Wax Tailor.

Thomas Lebrun, The Kings of The Dance Floor, illustration © Araso
Thomas Lebrun, The Kings of The Dance Floor, illustration © Araso

The timeline follows the accelerated flow of the night. Masks fall off, couples get «cosy», alcoholic bodies collapse letting go of one boob -and their dignity. Men in thigh boots and black lace bodies come hurling in sexy as ever. Their perfect command of highly curated movements is breath-taking.

Whilst the audience is still dancing on their seats, a ballet of Christian figures, two women and three men come forward and bows over Gloria Gaynor’s «I am what I am».

Ite missa est.

Rencontre avec Thomas Lebrun autour de sa création Les rois de la piste from micadanses – Faits d’hiver on Vimeo.

Les Rois de la Piste (The Kings of the Dance Floor) is Thomas Lebrun’s latest creation for five performers, shown at Le Carreau du Temple on January 17th and 18th within the Faits d’Hiver Festival.

Illustration © Araso