Here comes a UFO we would love to see flying more often –and not landing that would be a pity. Following in the footsteps of a new generation of assertive plastic artists with a sharp sense of humour such as Ulrike Quade or Miet Warlop, the Compagnie l’Unanime pulls together a rocking performance with their Petite Nature (meaning either «little nature» or «wimp» in French).

Three guys in colourful shorts, white tanks and windcheaters are on top of a plastic mountain. They come across the elements, some of which are natural, some of which are not at all.

Petite Nature, Compagnie l'Unanime, illustration © Araso
Petite Nature, Compagnie l’Unanime, illustration © Araso

It could have been a fail, some sort of bad joke. It’s the reverse. It’s clownish in the noble sense, aesthetically meticulous, the result of thorough research and elaborated writing. It could have gone one step further and neared perfection. The trailer, a masterpiece, has nothing to do with the show and yet it says it all.

One does not go to Petite Nature to reinvent the world, yet comes out of it genuinely feeling it’s a better place. And this is what creativity is about.

Petite Nature by Compagnie l’Unanime, at the Monfort in Paris until January 21st 2017.
The company’s hilarious YouTube channel unveils the genesis of the project.