Sitting on the benches of the Ménagerie de Verre like small children in Kindergarten, the audience is awaiting Maguelone Vidal for a very first anatomy lesson. A saxophone player with a tomboy look dressed as an air mechanics, Maguelone is domesticating the mechanics of the ear, the body and the breath. She has the most remarkable way.

Maguelone Vidal circulates spheres of wood for the public to touch and listen to, their colchea pressed onto the object. She teaches us how breath lives inside of it like a membrane. Then she goes on to charm record-players as if in hope some imaginary snakes might raise. Light works create a beaming expressionist painting in shades of blue, red, white, yellow, all vibrating.

The conductor used to be a physician before she was a sax player. Amongst the purists she developed a solid technique only to invent a new kind of writing. The breath is a beating heart; the words are whispered on glass walls. The poetic, the sensitive and the mystical are at home in this realm.

COCHLEA, Illustration © Araso
COCHLEA, Illustration © Araso

Performance seen within the Inaccoutumés festival at the Ménagerie de Verre.
COCHLEA, Une histoire intime du souffle à nos oreilles, Maguelone Vidal, November 15th and 16th 2016, 8.30 pm

Conception, composition, dramaturgy, interpretation: Maguelone Vidal
Direction / dramaturgy: Eva Vallejo
Body direction: I-Fang Lin
Sound engineering: Emmanuel Duchemin
Light engineering: Laïs Foulc
Stage setting: Samuel Aden