What would Magritte do nowadays? Now that images proliferate, a reflection of our egos rather than of our imagination and constantly begging for attention?

Magritte the adman, the illustrator, the poet, the sculptor of a Swan Lake, the great master ès building images nurtured inside his very own brain, would probably gaze upon our world with a teasing eye and a grin.

He would teach us how to turn imagination into phrases, digging into it first. He would show us how to put a key into a lock and a girafe into a glass.

A custodian of a Sleeper’s dreams and those of the unsettling People from the River (1926), he has also built his own codes of beauty (The Six Elements, 1929). He would lecture on the Principle of Incertitude in the Instagram era and go for drinks with a revived Raymond Hains and Bertrand Lavier.

He would give us lessons on how to play and have fun, how to exist without craving the look of others. Because images we make betray us in spite of appearances anyway.

Illustration © Araso

"This is not René Magritte", by Araso in Paris Pompidou Museum
“This is not René Magritte”, by Araso in Paris Pompidou Museum

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