An obscure writer disappears somewhere in Mexico where women are savagely assassinated: this is 2666, a novel by Bolaño that Julien Gosselin (Les Particules Elémentaires, 2013) has turned into a 12h-long theatre play.

It is true that M. Gosselin isn’t the only one to have a penchant for interminable plays (Lidell, Jolly, Fabre, Warlikowski, Lupa). But why make us go through 5 hours of excruciating boredom for 3 hours’ worth watching and a few sparks of genius?

At just 29 years old, Mr Gosselin is a master of the art of story-telling. The kind that makes you cling to your seat and forget about everything else. The scene with the critics and the Pakistani taxi driver as narrated by Liz is unforgettable.

Video, one of the hottest trends on stage for years (van Hove, Castorf, re-Warlikowski, Cassiers) benefits from unprecedented grace, is used cinematographically with a high contrast and sublime granularity. It embodies madness and makes mutilated bodies emerged from a set when they were already there -genius work by Nicolas Joubert.

The tailor-made sound creation by Rémi Alexandre and Guillaume Bachelé is staggering.

The scenography by Hubert Colas re-uses the concept of moving boxes in a way which isn’t new, yet totally unique.

Illustration © Araso

Until Octobre 16th at the Berthier Ateliers, Odéon Theatre, Paris 17th
Text by Roberto Bolaño adaptation and stage direction by Julien Gosselin / Company Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur
with Rémi Alexandre, Guillaume Bachelé, Adama Diop, Joseph Drouet, Denis Eyriey, Antoine Ferron, Noémie Gantier, Carine Goron, Alexandre Lecroc-Lecerf, Frédéric Leidgens, Caroline Mounier, Victoria Quesnel, Tiphaine Raffier

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