Attention please: this is a gem. At Chalon Dans La Rue Festival, the OFF Festival, we attended the 7 minutes, a dance stroll by Compagnie Volubilis.

At a crossroads, a woman with a suitcase is waiting. For something, for someone. She hails cars and passers-by. Using her natural environement as her set, she starts to dance. 7 minutes later, the public is taken into a dead-end where they don’t even notice the tramp seated on his bench, a beer in his hand. A woman walks by and he assaults her. Shock. They start a crazy ballet and the attacked takes over the attackant.

The coming scenes are delirious: a loony cityhall, two best men straight out the 1970s, chases, more dance. The actors and dancers are incredibly gifted. The whole show is exceptional.

The 7 minutes is all we love about street theatre: we never know where it begins, where it ends. We scrutinize every passer-by as they may be part of the show. We learn to look again.

Images © Araso

Compagnie Volubilis, the 7 minutes
Duration: approx 1h30

Chalon dans la Rue Festival
Every year in July, in Chalon-sur-Saône, a festival dedicated to street artists.