Brittany: beautiful and fascinating, simple and charming landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, sometimes under appreciated. Fortunately, association Art in the chapels promotes it brilliantly.

This summer event L’art dans les chapelles offers an original and entertaining way to discover, or rediscover, art and cultural heritage. At the crossroad of the Morbihan countryside of Pontivy and the religious legacy of the region, the curious visitor is exposed to contemporary art.

Visual/plastic artists in their creation process were stimulated by these places of worship, the resulting resonance between the arts is very interesting. Several pieces of art come to my mind like the meticulous and admirable work of Claire Colin-Colin (on the red track), a concrete abstract painting to discover; The outstanding symbolic creativity of Manuela Marques (blue track) in the Chapel of Notre-Dame des Fleurs (do not miss the exceptional window-paintings of David Tremlet, creation from a previous edition) or the vivid colors of Flora Moscovici at the Trinité chapel (red track).

Images © RL

Art in the chapels
Welcome Center: lieu dit Saint-Nicodème, 56930 Pluméliau. 

Open everyday but Tuesday, 14h – 19h
08.07.2016 > 18.09.2016

Information: keep good faith in the directions during the circuits. Basically as long as there is no indications keep going straight. Please note as well that some of the chapels do not host contemporary art.