On the ruins of a world at war, Marie Chouinard reinvents the codes of beauty.

Canadian choreographer who’s just been appointed director of the Dance section at the Biennale in Venice, is in Avignon for the first time with Soft Virtuosity, Still Humid, On the Edge.

She is thus pursuing her work on the dameged body and its singularities, where one often finds crutches and splints. This time, she turns it into a war painting.

In an atmosphere of terror, lumping angular bodies run in parallel lines. They dance to the music of rifles and explosions. The wistling of a bomb is terrifying, calls for adrenalin and blood pulses harder through the veins.

Seated cross-legged and face-to-face on a spinning disc, two girls hug whilst pulling monster faces. A brilliant use of video emphasizes the march of an army of zombies and dresses the walls in surreal perspectives.

Amongst the hallucinating images are a Raft of the Medusa and those bodies in mouvement mimicking a crackling fire.

Illustration © Araso