This is 2016, and to take one single image and call it a show goes beyond audacity or arrogance : it’s a declaration of faith.

The apology of the unique, the scarce, the profound is not marketing here.  Wade Guyton lives and works in New York. Born in 1972, he is from a generation of artists who question the production of images in the digital era.

After the Black Paintings, his studio’s wall is the limit. Stil using large printers, he copies and pastes it in very large formats. In the immoderate space of Dijon’s Consortium, the image fades out. Washed out, it litteraly sloughs in the retina of those who watch it. There are fields and houses in those counter-shades of blue.

The monochrom becomes a vectorised shape, a logo one can replicate indefinitely. Broken down to the ultimate pixel, it becomes anonymous.

Don’t try and find pictures on the web : the experience only happens live.

Wade Guyton, Consortium de Dijon, until September 25th 2016

Images © Araso