Paris in the early sixties, a 21st of June, a summer solstice. The longest day. Cléo, a young singer, lives in artistic Montparnasse with her entourage. Tonight, she will make a phone call to find out if she has cancer or not. The film is about her wait.

Agnès Varda will say about Corinne Marchand that she is the perfect embodiment of «this remarkable theme in the entirety of life and painting: beauty and death».

Cold beauty on a hot summer background, Algerian war and arty Paris. Nostalgia of a time amongst a generation that didn’t know it.

Michel Legrand is the insolent coach, singing and playing the piano.

Dorothée, the friend who models naked for artistes, has this incredible line on worshipping –talking about love: «in the end, loving is enough and it’s more convenient to speak».

A soldier on leave, Antoine tells Cleo he’s sad to die for nothing. He’d rather die for a woman than die at war. This is Montsouris park between 6.12pm and 6.15pm.

«Oh, you have a lovely ring.
– A pearl and a toad.
– You, and me. »

It’s amazing how beautiful chance can be.

Images are extracts from the film.