I am not a fan of classical ballet. I had not been to the Opera since Maguy Marin in April. At the beginning of the season I had nonetheless interviewed Dorothée Gilbert, an absolute darling. I finally went to see the William Forsythe everyone is talking about.

Of Any If And puts me to sleep. Snobbish, narrow unfruitful words appear back-to-back on moveable borads: « Body of texture rare all in nothing ». Even with Léonore Baulac and Adrien Couvez it’s deadly.

Approximate Sonata swipes me off my feet. Bombastic Alice Renavand turns up in a black leotard justaucorps teasing Adrien Couvez. Marie-Agnès Gillot comes up dancing like a goddess with her long limbs.

It is with Blake Works I, a creation by William Forsythe on James Blake’s music that the shock happens. Beauty alert, chills. It’s sensual, sexy as hell, with voguing and hip-hop-like freestyle. And (astonishingly) the dancers are having fun !

Those last 25 minutes have changed my view on academic ballet forever. Would it be only for this it’d still be worth the while.


William Forsythe, ballet, 2h
At Opéra Garnier Until July 16th
Available seats online start at 25 euros on the day

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