Sometimes marketing is for the best, like when Galeries Lafayette in Paris invite the crazy pair from Toiletpaper, aka Maurizio Cattelan whom we just looooove and his friend photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Toiletpaper is this crazy art magazine and a non-less crazy website -designed by Milan-based branding agency Apart, and they are so talented it’s irritating. So naturally there were a few beautiful people yesterday night at the opening -oh, hello Orlan! attending Cassius’ DJ set.

In practice, this happy menagerie translates into an exhibition space on the 1st floor that’s literally been turned into a Toiletpaper apartment and it just looks real. The magazine’s codes are everywhere: the lifted finger/desk statuette, the lipstick hands/mirror, the jail bars/dried sausages. Naturally, some of the artefacts are offered in a variety of merchandizing, because yes, Toiletpaper also stands for art + commerce. The store’s windows and a bespoke dome installation are also part of the game so don’t forget to look up on your way in. This is all pretty cool and definitely worth seeing -and it’s free.

Toiletpaper x GL

Aux Galeries Lafayette Paris – Haussmann du 6 Juillet au 10 Septembre 2016