«You don’t stand a chance. Continue?» Here are pixelised words to welcome us from a desolated image into a maze of photographs in the dark.

French writer and movie director Michel Houellebecq is also a photographer and curator of an exhibition showcasing his mental palace. In his own world, fiction meets biography, essay meets anticipation. He creates like no other those vivid images of our time with its angst, its vice and the head-on hypothesis of a no-future.

Here are Daniel and Esther from The Possibility of an Island in a liquid format next to Houellebecq’s dog, ex-wife and friends. Between a room dedicated to Clément (the dog) and Robert Combas’ erratic and fascinating installation La Pièce de Vie, an intimate film with Iggy Pop’s voice is set opposite a backroom showing porn. Floors covered in postcard echo to Paltform’s heavy satire of mass tourism while extracts from Houellebecq directed movie The Possibility of an Island draw a red thread.

For aficionados, shrinks and insiders only.

Illustration © Araso

Rester Vivant une exposition de Michel Houellebecq, au Palais de Tokyo du 23 Juin au 11 Septembre 2016.