Italian luxury menswear brand Brioni (Kering group) unveiled yesterday its new campaign starring Metallica in highly curated black & white photos, but with a touch of humour.

Here’s to the marketing genius of Justin O’Shea, the man the fashion sphere adores : with his hipster rocker look,  showing tatoos and a model for a girlfriend, Justin is on top of his game. A star buyer for german e-commerce business, he’s been appointed artistic director of Brioni last March, rocking the world of the traditional, uber-classical  mensuit brand.

Before Justin, Brioni’s campaigns used to look like this or even that in a desperate attempt to appeal to Asia. With this new positioning directly aimed at its core clientele and a strong disruptive idea rather than an army of so-called social campaign, Justin nailed it.

Visuals © Brioni website, Mettallica Instagram