The former jail of Conciergerie de Paris is where the magic happened on the night of June 16th. French choreographer Thomas Lebrun recreated his sublime show for 12 dancers, Où chaque souffle danse nos mémoires (literally meaning: «Where every breath dances our memoirs») originally thought of for Monuments en Mouvement’s 2015 edition.

After a quick blink at Clément Dazin‘s unforgettable juggling on Mont Saint-Michel in March, we were already totally excited by Monuments en Mouvement’s 2016 batch. THAT, was the apotheosis.

A mind-blown, very moved American spectator came up to me at the end of the show. She’s from Philadelphia where her son, who specializes in post-traumatic architecture, is building a memorial.  What amazed her in the choreography was «the intensity in the dancers eyes; it tells so much about this place’s history». She further comments: «I don’t have all the references and there are some moves that I didn’t understand. But it was beautiful, so compelling… I will never forget what I saw.»

Video © Araso