What is romanticism? Is it all in the past? For Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker it starts with a naked set and the raw light of the moon. Then two men and a woman. Jules and Jim transfigured by Schönberg’s 1899 music sheet. She whispers to his hear that he’s not the child’s father.

Her vintage flowery pink dress is too small for her though it’s an extra large size. Her beauty, her knife-cut fringe, her palish skin and naked face are simply fascinating. And when her partner starts to move we’re just crazy in love.

It is magnificent, forty-five minutes of ecstatic danse flying too fast through the public’s emotion-dyed eyes. The posture of the man standing, with the girl’s thighs pressed around his face is one of the most unforgettable images ever. This is not a show. This is an Austrian lake lost somewhere in the dark.

Romanticism is this wild animal that will get you drunk if you can tame it.

Illustration © Araso

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker – La Nuit Transfigurée au Théâtre de la Ville – Paris – Du 7 au 15 Juin 2016