Robyn Orlin’s plea for generations to come

What future do we build for ourselves? Our children? To what extent are we responsible for our fate? Those are the questions asked by Robyn Orlin.

Rocìo Molina: flamenco beyond genre

Rocìo Molina is in Chaillot for Caida del Cielo, a kind flamenco able to seize tradition, exalt it and use it to go beyond archetypes.

Katerina Andreou in «A Kind of Fierce», illustration © Araso

Katerina Andreou, the punk poet

Katerina Andreou presents A Kind Of Fierce at the CDC Atelier de Paris, which earned her the Jardin d’Europe Prize and crowned her as dance’s punk poet.

Olivia Csiky Trnka est Anaïs Nin dans «A comme Anaïs», mes Françoise Courvoisier, Illustration © Araso

A comme Anaïs: Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin larger than life

A comme Anaïs is the adaptation to stage of Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin’s passionate relationship supported by a prolific epistolary affair.

Trend Book #1 : FIAC 2016, give me your word

This year at FIAC, the international art fair in Paris, the writing’s everywhere: canvasses, photographs, metal bars, neon lights. We investigated.

Maurizio Cattelan, Not Afraid of Love, Monnaie de Paris

Maurizio Cattelan, the King of immediacy

Aged 46, Maurizio Cattelan is one of the world’s most collected artist. What made the iconoclastic and avant-garde artist so successful?

Colatheque le dream palace Seoul Korea 2015

Paris is home to a “Virtual Seoul”

The Pavillon Carré de Baudouin in Paris hosts “Virtual Seoul”, the latest series by photographer and 2016 Albert Kahn Award winner Françoise Huguier.

Lucinda Childs illustration by Araso

Lucinda Childs: the footprints of a legend

Lucinda Childs reigns with discretion and humour over the realm of dance. Her piece «Dance» has become a classic which one can never seem to get tired of.

Sofia Ruis and Vitor Roriz are Antony and Cleopatra for Tiago Rodrigues

Antony and Cleopatra: a lesson of creativity by Tiago Rodrigues

Antony and Cleopatra by Tiago Rodrigues is a lesson of creativity for anyone seeking the true meaning of “empowering imagination”.