Dark Circus by Stereoptik, illustration Araso

How Stereoptik’s Dark Circus makes people happy

This December, the brillant Stereoptik duo present their Dark Circus. It all begins with a place where people come in number only to grow unhappier.

Maniacs au Mouffetard - illustration by Araso

Maniacs: inside the world of love dolls

With Maniacs, Amsterdam-based Ulrike Quade Company dives into the heart of a topic as essential as it is controversial: love dolls.

Béatrice Dalle, Lucrèce Borgia, Illustration Araso

Béatrice Dalle is Lucrezia Borgia

Béatrice Dalle is Lucrezia Borgia. This version by David Bobée highlights the impure magnetism, the ambivalent fascination, the poisonous love.

Disconcerting Cy Twombly

His paintings are lyrical ballads. His sculptures are quietly archaic. His photographs are like haikus. Cy Twombly is, in a way, a guest of his own art.

Somewhere in Galliera there is this coat for Sonia

Somewhere in Galliera there is this coat. Designed by Martin Margiela in 2010, it celebrates the goddess with the red thick hair Sonia Rykiel.

COCHLEA, Illustration © Araso

COCHLEA, the art of breath listening

Sitting on the benches of the Ménagerie de Verre like small children, the audience is awaiting Maguelone Vidal for a very first anatomy lesson: COCHLEA

la pluie, a moving depiction of the memories of a Holocaust witness

la pluie is a simple yet wonderful puppet performance depicting the memories of an old lady who witnessed the Holocaust.

Coproud: César Vayssié and Olivia Grandville like in a movie

César Vayssié is a video artist. With Coproud, he creates a movie set for dancer Olivia Grandville inviting her in to an unconventional pas de deux.