Why is beauty a vital necessity?

Wajdi Mouawad’s sublime play Assoiffés is adapted for marionnette by L’Alinea company. An excellent piece on teenage hood and the necessity of beauty.

Aglae : woman, mummy, whore

What’s it like to be a whore? What’s it like to be a whore and a woman? What’s it like to be a whore and a mother? Aglae works through her own lifetime.

Inside the world of album covers

Album covers are a work of art and webzine Néoprisme shouts it out loud through a stunning exhibition of selected artworks by label Nowadays.

Nadia Vadori Gauthier, illustration © Araso

A micro-performance feast

Since Charlie Hebdo, daily life poet Nadia Vadori-Gauthier has cast a pink filter over the world by dancing one minute of life a day.

Thomas Lebrun is the king of the Dance Floor

Thomas Lebrun shows his latest creation, The Kings of the Dance Floor, within the Faits D’Hiver festival. A brilliant, stunning academic performance.

Petite Nature, Compagnie l'Unanime, illustration © Araso

Petite Nature: a performance about happiness and creativity

Three guys in colourful shorts, white tanks and windcheaters are on top of a plastic mountain. They come across the elements, some natural, some, well…

Myriam Gourfink, Amas: a (very) slow-motion meditation

This unbelievably slow-moving ballet is somehow unsettling. Myriam Gourfink opened the Faits d’Hiver Dance festival with a demanding meditation, Amas.

Paris Perfume Museum: a new temple for Culturetainment

The long awaited Grand Musée du Parfum finally opened late 2016 in the former place of Christian Lacroix couture house with great pomp.

Romeo and Juliet are doing it to death

Romeo and Juliet. Preljocaj and the impossible love. Dance is flying off, the whole show is beautiful, sexy, elegant, and keeps the audience enthralled.