Wim Vandekeybus brings out the beasts

Let’s imagine for a minute someone spending their life closed up and motionless in the corner of a room. Wim Vandekeybus reveals their savagery.

Raymond Hoghe remembers: the solitary walker’s chronicles

After he made us waltz last September in Beaubourg with the Festival d’Automne à Paris, Raimund Hoghe is getting back his colors.

Israel Galvàn, FLA.CO.MEN, Araso

FLA.CO.MEN, Israel Galván’s breathtaking breakaway

Israel Galván’s childhood memories are populated by a taste for salt and the music of heels clacking. Taka-gada-gagada…tac !

Daniel Larrieu’s Pierrot is in black

Littéral by Daniel Larrieu is an infinitely poetical piece. It releases a sweetly dated, regressive perfume that gives way to aesthetics’ pleasure.

The apocalypse according to Hofesh Shechter

One can argue that Hofesh Shechter doesn’t renew himself much, but his Grand Finale unveils precious moments of wild, tribal and uncompromising dance.  

Ali Charhour’s ballet of shadows

Somewhere between dream, death, femininity and poetry, May he rise and smell the fragrance by Lebanese prodigy Ali Charhour revisits the Arabic world with transgression and beauty.

Nicht Schlafen: Alain Platel’s plea for the 21st century

Nicht Schlafen plays with all of Alain Platel’s codes. Those caravagesque images, flamboyant bodies, tribal incantations are as many shades of the sublime.

Damien Hirst Palazzo Grassi (c) Araso

Damien Hirst knows how to build a brand

With his current exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, Damien Hirst positions himself not only as a creative visual artist but as an expert in story-telling.

The 4 unmissable Pavilions of the Biennale di Venezia

The Biennale has just opened yet the line outside of the German pavilion is endless as Anne Imhof was awarded the Golden Lion at the Biennale di Venezia.