Metallica for Brioni

Breaking news: Brioni rocks

Italian luxury menswear brand Brioni (Kering group) unveiled yesterday its new campaign starring Metallica in highly curated black & white photos, but with a touch of humour.

Here’s to the marketing genius of Justin O’Shea, the man the fashion sphere adores : with his hipster rocker look,  showing tatoos and a model for a girlfriend, Justin is on top of his game. A star buyer for german e-commerce business, he’s been appointed artistic director of Brioni last March, rocking the world of the traditional, uber-classical  mensuit brand.

Before Justin, Brioni’s campaigns used to look like this or even that in a desperate attempt to appeal to Asia. With this new positioning directly aimed at its core clientele and a strong disruptive idea rather than an army of so-called social campaign, Justin nailed it.

Visuals © Brioni website, Mettallica Instagram

Photographie à la Galerie Binôme

Second Hands: a touching "green" exhibition at Galerie Binôme

Second hands exhibition at Galerie Binome has it all: creative, smart, contemporary, sympathetic, affordable… Centered around the medium of photography, the artists exposed in this “group show” have in common a fantastic sense of recycling as not one picture was taken but all works are made from old silver prints. For instance Emmanuelle Fructus cuts vintage photos of anonymous individuals and places them (more than a thousand) on a big board, transforming multiple photographs into an almost optical and geometrical work of art that purposely questioning the evolution of photography and our will to assert our identity through a picture and within broader society.

Second hands playfully questions our relationship toward photography and invites us to reflect on this medium, its evolution and the creation of identity. Definitely a must see this summer.

Visuel © Raphaël Laval

Exposition collective
27.05.2016 > 23.07.2016
Commissariat Sophie Bernard & Galerie Binôme
19 rue Charlemagne, 75004, Paris