How many times do we have to say one has to get out of their comfort zone. 

We want to be edgy, to stay on top of the contemporary scene. Yet it’s often whilst treating ourselves with some much deserved happiness that we stumble upon a hidden gem. 

And here comes Welcome to Woodstock the musical, on the bill at the Comedia in Paris until January 7th 2018. The story’s set in Paris, 1969: Corinne studies hard for her exams (multitalented Magali Goblet) while her happy crew is more keen on smoking pot and playing music. One night, on a whim, all but Corinne agree to go to Woodstock, America, to attend the “gig of the century”. Two sides of the same revolution.  

Within two and a half hours, break and call backs included, spoken scenes fit inside a mere half an hour. The whole show is about live music and handpicked 60s-70s songs. All of the 12 artists are on top of their game, it’s absolute madness. An incredible singer, long fringes hanging off his shaven torso (amazing Yann Destal from French band Modjo) leads a live rock’n’roll band punctuating the story with its intermissions. 

It feels like a dream when Jimi’s character, played by Xavier V Combs who looks and sounds spookingly like Hendrix, emerges from psychedelic forests, American dinners and mud fields. His performance alone is worth buying a seat as it could probably thaw out a sea of ice.  

Welcome To Woodstock is a treat everyone should indulge. Its only weaknesses are a misleading concept and surprisingly low-positioned communication. 

Welcome to Woodstock at Le Comedia until January 7th 2018. 

With Geoffroy Peverelli, Magali Goblet, Pierre Huntzinger, Morgane Cabot, Margaux Maillet, Jules Grison, Xavier V. Combs, Yann Destal, Cléo Bigontina, Benoit Chanez, Hubert Motteau.