Man Rec. Only me. Wolof, Senegal, back to the origins.

Hip-hop. Contemporary dance. Absolute dance.

Music. Electronic ethnic modern, with strong bass.

So here is the man. Standing in his socks, sitting, lying, on his head, on his hands and back onto his feet again. Leaping up he attacks, chest sticking out, with his arms spreadeagled Forsythe style. Bending his knees, crouching, one hand to shield himself from an imaginary rabid dog – or the devil.

Amala Dianor, Man Rec, illustration © Araso
Amala Dianor, Man Rec, illustration © Araso

The scene is magnificent, as in worthy-of-a-series-of-fast-action-artistic-shots magnificent. Light runs through the drops of sweat spouting from the smooth forehead, overlooking a pair of ever impassible almond-shaped eyes. The self-satisfied mind surprises itself thinking that those pearls of water somehow symbolize the effort of the travelled path, from Senegal to Angers. There is no such thing.

There is just him, a fabulous dancer, gifted, harmonious, able to put styles, times and genres altogether seamlessly.

Two beats. Two chest clicks. One heartbeat. This was Man Rec by Amala Dianor. Boom.

Man Rec is a solo choreographed and danced by Amala Dianor, seen within the Sequence Danse Festival in 104 on March 17th et 18th 2017.