black elevated sets, like 2 workbenches or 2 table tennis tables. The audience takes place everywhere on the floor including the spaces in-between them.

Marco Berrettini appears in a classy shirt and elegant trousers. With a feline leap he propels himself on top of one of the promontories. On the twin table across from his, accomplice Samuel Pajand sings and plays the piano. Marco begins a circular, aerobic move that he’s going to repeat tirelessly for the next hour and 15 minutes.

Samuel’s sound make children from the CRR d’Aubervilliers – La Courneuve arise from the crowd where they were lying. In English and German, a prowess for such a young crowd, they sing after him lyrics from les Misérables, Rilke, the Pajand/Berrettini duo (fabulous Dijnn Dijnn), Carl Jung and Hermann Hesse. Emoji-masks, circular strolls and diluvian rains (which end up causing a real flood soaking one of the young artists) nothing stops the budding crew.

Marco Berrettini, iFeel4, illustration © Araso
Marco Berrettini, iFeel4, illustration © Araso

It is thus in a joyful questioning that the iFeel series comes to an end. The simplicity of the show and the true feelings it conveys -including happiness, alleluia! betrays some serious work done beforehand. Bravo.

iFeel4 is a creation by Marco Berrettini seen at the CND March 15th & 16th 2017

Choreography and dance
Marco Berrettini
Summer music (Marco Berrettini and Samuel Pajand)
Piano and voice
Samuel Pajand
Set design
Victor Roy
Costumes and accessories
Séverine Besson
Stage and lighting management
Pierre Montessuit
Filière voix du CRR d’Aubervilliers – La Courneuve directed by Madeleine Saur
Alya Ait Abdesselam, Bénédicte Badibanga-Semzedi, Daniel Basset, Léo Cabuk, Olivia Diakabana, Camille Epain, Ketsia Jude Ilanthiraiyan, Sanata Wendy Fofana, Hawa-Emeline Gitras, Yilan Lounas, Nadira Maoulana, Alice Marion, Cynthia Matanchandran, Clarisse Mputu, Lydia Nait Tahar, Alban Rascalon, Luc Seka-Ursulet, Rebecca Tranca, Ancelin Tridant, Ilena Ruoyi Xu, Elena Xu, Angie Yahiaoui, Martine Zou, Mu Ti Zou

Assistant to costume director
Atelier Madame, Lou Masduraud
Tutu Production