By Camille Bardin

Your image is immediately projected and then the reflection of it appears and starts following you. This three-second gap makes you aware that time is passing. The installation «Anamnesis» (1973) problematizes the construction of our identity, putting forward a present and former self through with two distinct but dependent projections.

Each closed-circuit video installation of Peter Campus is therefore a new existential and perceptual experience for the visitor. By multiplying temporalities and bodily representations in space, he deconstructs our image.

Peter Campus in Anamnesis
Peter Campus in Anamnesis

Ana-chronically, his work is an abyss of our hyper-connected period. Unlike the 1970’s, we are confronted on a daily basis with our image and we have the means to control it but it’s impossible here to do the same. The video ergo sum exhibition is a reflection on the impossibility of being simultaneously the subject, and the product of the subject who thinks, the object.

Peter Campus, video ergo sum
Until May 28th 2017
Musée du Jeu de Paume

Words by Camille Bardin
Photo Nathan Rabin, courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery © Peter Campus 2017