Béatrice Dalle is Lucrezia Borgia. This version by David Bobée highlights the impure magnetism, the ambivalent fascination, the poisonous love.

Supreme, Béatrice Dalle walks the rough floor panels sticking to her gown. She is the black panther trapped in a cage too small for her wildness.

Butch McKoy’s live music, his guitar, hipster beard and lumberjack shirt, intersperse the scenes with saturated sounds. Lights cast waves like moonbeams onto the venue’s ceilings and walls. They shape the highly defined bodies of an army looking like it just escaped from a Paco Rabanne perfume commercial. Water is the horizon, a playground for their true frolicking and their deceitful fighting. Acqua alta, acqua sanguinolenta.

Béatrice Dalle, Lucrèce Borgia, Illustration Araso
Béatrice Dalle, Lucrèce Borgia, Illustration Araso

While theatre is home to the greatest epiphanies as well as the greatest ridicules, the figure of the hated monster, the issue of redemption, filiation and transmission, vengeance and forgiveness are desperately fascinating.

Lucrèce Borgia, from November 30 to December 3rd at la Villette, Paris.