Knock down the walls. Let the sky in. Dance in the rain.

César Vayssié is a video artist. He pieces his movies together like music videos, subliminal images on psychedelic sounds. With Coproud, he creates a movie set for dancer Olivia Grandville for for an unconventional pas de deux. They both arrive on the venue on board a saloon spitting out loud music and gasoline vapor.

She shows him her dance and he follows. The back of the theatre opens up on the night and the rain of Paris. It’s a movie in the movie. The original soundtrack of which is People Are People by Depeche Mode « I can’t understand/ What makes a man/ Hate another man/ Help me understand » and Obama’s speech and the words « Yes, we can » like a make-believe that all of this might still just be a bad dream.

Breathlessly singing « help me understand », César Vayssié dives to the ground as if to collect shattered pieces of hope. Olivia Grandville mimics him, stretching her body on his back, their bodies as one.

They don’t speak the same tongue yet together they are invincible.

Coproud, Illustration © Araso
Coproud, Illustration © Araso

Performance seen at the Ménagerie de Verre in Paris upon the opening of the Inaccoutumés festival
From Novembre 8th to December 3rd 2016.
Beforehand, seen in October inside the Cour Carrée of the Louvre museum during the FIAC.