In dark tights and yellow sweater, Katerina Andreou flies onto the stage like a small bee. White neon lights and a microphone hanging upside down from the ceiling frame the black cube for her 45 minutes performance where silence and Eric Yvelin’s experimental music take turns.

The dance is angular, that of a dislocated doll, each limb living their own life. Watching Katerina drawing jolting lines across the stage, one immediately thinks of Marie Chouinard’s war ballets. The acrobatic figures, arched legs on distended ankles are a trademark of the Peeping Toms’.

Striking pauses like a degenerate kind of Lolita, almost clownish as she speaks in the microphone with her hair and scalp. Leaping up from the floor, she picks up a pair of drum sticks and waves them around like a clumsy majorette.

Her phrases have a beatnik rhythm. Is she Patti Smith’s secret daughter? Her messy hair and impassive look, her crazy energy feel disturbingly familiar. So does the heavy mix of cheeky poetry, trooper language and electric guitar.


Katerina Andreou in «A Kind of Fierce», illustration © Araso
Katerina Andreou in «A Kind of Fierce», illustration © Araso

Katerina Andreou danced A Kind of Fierce on November 4th and 5th at the CDC Atelier de Paris.

With this 2016 creation she took part in the [8:tension] section of ImpulzTanz Festival – Vienna International Dance Festival last summer and was awarded the Prix Jardin d’Europe, the European prize for emerging Choreography.