Is it because in herself she says it all about Philip Glass, Robert Wilson and Sol LeWitt altogether?

Is it because at 76, her slender figure and her stately demeanour seem to indicate that neither time nor space has any hold over her?

Lucinda Childs reigns over the realm of dance with iconic discretion and humour. Her piece, soberly titled «Dance» (1979) has been shown once again this month at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. It has become one of those classics which one can never seem to get tired of.

At the Commune in Aubervilliers, seated in the front row, an impassive Lucinda watches her dancers perform her  Early Works. The precision of repetition and the flow of movement: the scene is a masterpiece of human concentration. Earlier that evening, Lucinda herself performed a text by Susan Sontag in Description (of a description) inside Pantin’s CND. On stage she is even more of a queen.

Is it about pugnacity? Gift? Having a vision of one’s time and world? Picking the right medium? Is it contemporaneity?

What makes a legend a legend?

There are those who write, and those who invent grammar.

Lucinda Childs, illustration by Araso
Lucinda Childs, illustration by Araso

This year, Paris Autumn Festival pays tribute to Lucinda Childs in a “portrait”.