In Time’s Journey Through a Room, Toshiki Okada favors the five senses over words.

The act is minimalistic, the set is stern, the actors barely move an eyelid.

The sound frames an intangible yet boiling interior -they literally put a glass fizzing with bubbles on stage.

The dead spouse comes back home. She recalls life before and after Fukushima, as she speaks to her husband. The new girlfriend is about to join the scene.

A china doll, death is the perfect figure of the icy powerful mistress. Only the dance of her phalanxes betrays the calm of her voice and body.

A table, two chairs, a glass of water and two carnations seemingly attempting to escape are a cry out loud in this stuffy atmosphere.

The curtain marks out the space where everything and nothing happens, like a window on a hypothetical life outdoor.

The infinitely subtle wakes up the sleepiest sense. The infinitely small is infinitely powerful when it’s well orchestrated. It tells tales forever remembered.

Illustrations © Araso

Izumi Aoyagi and Mari Ando are life and death in Okada's play Time's Journey Through a Room
Izumi Aoyagi and Mari Ando are life and death in Okada’s play Time’s Journey Through a Room

Time’s Journey Through a Room at T2G Théâtre de Gennevilliers with the Festival d’Automne à Paris
From Septembre 24th to 27th 2016.