Driving through California on route 66, we bump into the Bagdad Café, where the eponymous movie was filmed. A mythical film, a legendary Café. But the Bagdad Café is not the «real» Bagdad Café.

The film is set in Bagdad, California, San Bernardino county. Bagdad is now one of the many ghost villages around route 66, and there never was a café in Bagdad.

In order to be able to shoot the scenes of the 1987 movie, the team had to find a place. They went to the Sidewinder Café, located in Newberry Springs, 52 miles East on route 66, still inside San Bernardino’s county.

Sidewinder is the name of the desert’s snake. Since the movie, the Sidewinder café has been renamed the «Bagdad Café». Andrée, who runs the place, greets us in French.  75% of her visitors are French because of the film’s popularity amongst the French audience. On the wall, a hallucinating quantity of ID signed pictures, public transportations cards and souvenirs.

Images © Araso