What if theatre was just a phone call away?

Proust, a show by GK Collective, questions our relationship to manipulation, to obedience, and our passion for this smart connected thing that literally rules our lives.

Through an SMS written like a SPAM, we’re invited to a meeting where we have to go alone, one hand to the heart. On D-day, here we are standing on the spot, scrutinizing each and every passer-by, wondering where, how and when the show will happen.

A young woman comes close to us. She’s loud on the telephone. At first we don’t even notice her, she seems to have popped out of nowhere. Then we figure: this is it.

In the next few minutes, we will be the guinea pig in a telephone test. We will go to a meeting in a nearby café, sitting down with strangers, loosing ourselves in a synecdoque scenario.

We will play a role that’s been written for us, becoming the heroes of our own film. And when it’s over, we will find ourselves played like fools, feeling manipulated and not understanding what happened.

And what’s worse: we’ve enjoyed it.

Image © Araso

Proust, by GK Collective
For one, 45 minutes per session.

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